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Local lender with Award winning service gives buyers even easier guidelines and help home buyers buy sooner! 

Today, we're visiting the beaver dam near Iron Point and want to discuss a new partnership we've established with Golden 1 Credit Union

Golden 1 is California's oldest and largest non-profit credit union. It's the credit union of all the state employees, and now, they're getting into mortgages in a big way. They have lower closing costs because they are a non-profit, and there are certain things they don't have to charge for because of their status, which means they don't have to pass the cost down to you.

Golden 1 is member-owned and is a portfolio lender, which means they are using their own money. They don't sell their loans!

They offer the best customer service in the country and are able to do things that many other lenders are unable to do. For one, the guidelines after a short sale or foreclosure aren't as tough as they are with conventional lenders.

They offer a 3% down loan program that, unlike FHA, allows you to refinance out of the loan if you need to. They also charge lower premiums, which means you'll either save monthly or be able to buy a bigger house and make the same monthly payments. So, there's a lot to be excited about as Golden 1 enters the lending world!

If you have any questions about Golden 1, or if you need real estate assistance of any kind, give me a call or shoot me a quick email. I would love to hear from you!

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