Sac Area Median Prices Up More Than 25%? What?!?

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After talking with a client, I was researching some information online.  I found this website and no wonder her was confused... I came across this article claiming that Sacramento median home prices have been rising across the board. It talks about the number of sales and the large gains in median sale price.

Much of the reason that median home prices have risen is because more larger homes are selling, and this is increasing the average sales price. In areas where the median price has gone down, that means that more small homes are selling and less big homes are selling.

This doesn’t mean that your home is worth a lot more or a lot less money right now. Your home could be worth less than it was last year, but the median price in your area could still be rising. All of this data is rather misleading, so this just goes to show that you cannot take everything you hear for granted.

If you want accurate real estate information, then I recommend that you ask me instead of believing everything you see online. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!