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"People are always stressing about selling your home or buying a new home but Forth was someone that was very knowledgeable about the housing market and that took a lot of the
stress away. We were able to sell my home in 12 days!" Read/listen to more - Don | Sold

"They were wonderful! That team was just amazing. They would call me after hours, on
weekends, and Cindy even came up to our house a couple times which was way beyond
her call of duty. They did a lot for us and really went above and beyond." Read/listen to
more - Laurie | Sold

"Forth has extensive knowledge about many aspects of real estate, not just buying and
selling" Read/listen to more - Bob | Sold

"We were able to get what I think was the best possible price for our home. I think that could
be attributed to the marketing that went on and the way the proposed offers were handled
. At the end of the day we were very happy with the price we were able to get for the home
. The offer process and the various responses that were prepared to the offers, I thought
that was the area that they really excelled in." Read/listen to more - Ron S. | Sold in Folsom SEE THEIR VIDEO HERE
"The Hoyt Group puts a lot of time and energy into their customers. They have my loyalty
for life because of all the great services they provided me. It will be an efficient and effective
experience when you work with the Hoyt Group." Read/listen to more - Kerry | Sold & Bought

"We had some medical issues, my husband was sick, and they helped us make a lot of
arrangements through that time. They made arrangements to move things out of our home
and they really went out of their way. They were just fabulous!" Read/listen to more -
Renee | Sold

"The Hoyt Group did an amazing job. They were professional and handled everything to the
end. They’re very informative and gave all kinds of tips throughout the process. You’re
getting the best Realtor around when you work with the Hoyt Group." Read/listen to more
- Pat | Sold

"Originally I had tried to sell the house myself and I didn’t have the time or the team behind
me so I lined up Forth Hoyt. He had two gals working behind the scenes, Cindy and Ann
and they were all really great." Read/listen to more - Ken | Sold

"We had been working with an agent prior to using Forth and they were not doing their job
. After one year I decided to stop that process and I got in touch with Forth. He did a very
good job for us! He was very transparent during the process and he found us a buyer within
a week!" Read/listen to more - Koushik |Sold & Bought

"I have to give kudos to Cindy. She really went above and beyond the call of duty to get this
short sale done. She had amazing communication and she really was the glue that brought
all of this together. There isn’t one thing she didn’t do right." Read/listen to more - Marzieh
| Sold

"They exceeded my expectations throughout the whole process!" Read/listen to more -
Chris | Bought

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