Have You Looked Into the “Getting You Home Again” Program?

Today I have Evangeline Scott, who is a huge part of our team and wanted to speak with her about her “Getting You Home Again” and the FHA “Fresh Start Program.” “Getting You Home Again” is a website she started purely out of charity as her “labor of love” to give back to the community. The website is designed for people that went through EK, short sale or foreclosure, especially 4-5 years ago when people didn’t know when they could buy again or what they could do in regards to their credit. Evangeline reviews everyone’s documentation and pull their credit without charging a dime. Evangeline sets up a course of action starting from where the customer is now and based on their circumstances, on what date they can purchase again.

Evangeline is like a personal coach to get people back in the game and wants to give them hope. What others tend to do is tell a customer that they won’t be able to buy for three years and start the process when the three years is up. Evangeline wants to get them started now so when their time comes to buy, they are ready to get into contract on that date. Another program Evangeline works with is FHA’s “Back to Work Program” or our “Fresh Start Program.” If you qualify for FHA, Evangeline process the necessary documents and runs it through underwriting so they are ready to buy another house.

If you would like to speak with Evangeline about either of these programs, you can reach her at (916) 496-0160 or me at (916) 316-3810. Thanks and have a great day!