How The Hoyt Group Prowess Helped Move Things On The Right Track

Robin and David were expired sellers. A home expires off the market unsold--what that means is that the contact between the seller and the listing agent has run its course. They were so frustrated.

Robin: I think Forth called me when my house came off the market with the prior real estate agent. He said he thought he could sell my house. He had a good demeanor on the phone, so I asked him to come over and meet us. When he came over to meet us, he said 'I think I can sell your house in two weeks' and he seemed very confident that he could. So I said fine, we'll have a contract for that. It happened, so I can't say he let me down in any way. I am disappointed that we never saw him again but Ann as a whole has more than made up for it because she is just the best at putting everything together and making sure things happen, and she's outstanding in communicating, which I think was one of many problems with my prior two experiences with other real estate agents. The other two were just awful. The first one was very ambitious and aggressive when she was going for the listings, but as soon as she got it, she didn't do a thing and then she wouldn't let me out of the contract, so I wasted six months of my life when she knew I was desperate to move to Florida and leave the situation. The second one made a bunch of promises and then canceled the open house that was supposed to be all built up for, and when he said ‘we're going to do it next week,' I started calling the resources he was going to use, and it was a lie. He never planned anything. I think they just wanted listings, but Forth was outstanding. Everything he said he'd do, there was a checklist. He verified the checklist in writing and the email and they followed it to a 'T.' It was great.

They were the only ones who put fliers up. The other ones did printed fliers but they didn't give them out, according to real estate agents that I knew that came to the house. They had the fliers, and what was more was that they were prompt. The other two were always quite late for the showings. They ran three open houses in a weekend, which I think was a big part of it, and they followed up.

We put it on the market July 1st and it sold in April, but like I said, we wasted a lot of time with two really bad agents. I don't think it was three or four weeks (when working with Forth). In fact, we had an offer before it went on the market. I would use them again. Without any hesitation I would use them. Everybody that I met with them. I can't say enough kind words or enough good things, particularly Ann. Premiere. Just fantastic. 

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