What Keeps Clients Coming Back to The Hoyt Group

Dave and Rose have known Forth Hoyt for nearly a decade after successfully completing five home transactions together.

"(They are) another example of the great friendships and great people that I've been able to work with over the years," Forth says.

Rose says what she appreciates most about Forth and his team is that they truly care about their clients, rather than just the commission at the end of the road.

"He's genuine, and when he says something, you can trust him. His word is good. He's friendly and he's to the point," Rose says. "If you say you want to list your house for $500,000 and it's only worth $300,000, he has the ability, the tact, to tell you that if you want your house sold, this is what we need to do. He won't say no, but he'll put the options out there and be honest with you."

When Forth says something, you can trust him.

Rose applauds Forth for staying up-to-date on all the local and national real estate trends because of how much they help his clients.

"He's up on current events that affect the housing market. He's just very knowledgeable, and he uses that knowledge to get the best price for your home," she says.

Most recently, Dave and Rose listed their house on the MLS on a Wednesday, held an open house two days later on a Friday, and had an offer coming in by the next morning.

"It had a lot to do with how he markets. He's very thorough," Rose says. "He represented us very well when we've purchased homes with him. He makes sure that our interests are protected going over documentation. We've bought and sold a lot of homes, but there's always new forms, new documents, new laws, and he makes sure we're aware of that. He just doesn't assume we know."

The team's genuine concern for Dave and Rose kept them coming back in the future.

"They're in constant communication," Rose says. "If I call, they're genuinely interested in my question, whether I've asked it 10 times before or not. They're always willing to help answer a question, whereas other agents we've worked with, we got the feeling that all they're interested in is that dollar sign, that commission money at the end, and I don't feel that way with Forth. I feel he and his group try to stay updated as much as possible. He's not afraid to invest his money into his team to make sure they're getting 100%."

"I would definitely recommend Forth Hoyt and his group. We would not have gone back to them if we did not fully believe in them and their service and how they treat people. We would use them again."