How We Turned An Expired Listing Around In 8 Days

Robin and David were expired sellers - their home had expired off the market unsold. That means the contract between the seller and the agent had runs its course, and they were so frustrated.

Robin: "I think Forth called me when my house came off the market with the prior real estate agent. He thought he could sell my house and he had a good demeanor on the phone, so I asked him to come over to meet. Then he came over to meet us and said 'I think I could sell your house in two weeks.' He seemed very confident that he could, so we said fine, we'll have a contract for that. It happened! I can't say he let me down in any way."

"Forth was outstanding. Everything he said he'd do, there was a checklist. He verified the checklist in writing and in email and they followed it to a 'T' and it was great!"

Robin said Forth's understanding of the home's value and confidence in pricing the home was spot-on. She said Forth's team actually made flyers and handed them out to buyers, as opposed to her previous agent, who said they made flyers, but didn't distribute any.

"What's more, they were always prompt, where the other two agent were always quite late to the showings. They ran three open houses in a weekend, which I think was a big part of it, and they followed up."

"I would use them again without any hesitation," Robin said of The Hoyt Group. "I would use them. Everybody that I met was wonderful."

"I can't say enough kind words or enough good things particularly about Cindy and Ann," she said. "They were just fantastic."