How Do New Loan Products Affect You?

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Looking forward, what can you expect from Sacramento real estate in 2015? Today, we'll share our predictions.

There are a few interesting things happening right now. FHA has reduced their monthly mortgage premium from 1.35% to .85%. This small change will result in substantial monthly savings for many homeowners. Additionally, the amount of home buyers are eligible for will also increase because of this change. For example, the drop in the monthly mortgage premium allowed one of our clients to be eligible for a $200,000 home, instead of a $170,000 home! That $30,000 could get you an extra bedroom, bathroom, or that personal office you've always wanted! 

There's more big news as far as affordability is concerned. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have brought back the 3% down conventional loan! There are still many 100% financing options available in our area as well, but this new product is still a wonderful option. If you have credit problems, or have had a short sale or foreclosure, we can help find you the loan package that's right for you.

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