GARDEN VALLEY HORSE PROPERTY! 5200 Andy Wolf Rd Garden Valley, CA 95633


Looking for truly remarkable Garden Valley Horse Property?  

Welcome to 5200 Andy Wolf Rd.  This is your place to raise horses, a family and build a Lifetime of Memories...

With just one glance, you will realize that 5200 Andy Wolf Rd Garden Valley, CA 95633 is a once in a lifetime opportunity! If your love is horses, your business is breeding and/or training horses, or have a dream of being in the horse business in El Dorado County at any level, this is definitely a horse property to see! What a dream come true, to own this amazing horse property and entire valley in El Dorado County! The beautiful 40+ acres of irrigated pasture, lake, scenic views, Pamper yourself and your horses with this amazing 55 acre ranch, set up for all disciplines. Everything you need is here!! This remarkable ranch property in the heart of El Dorado County, has been home to professional horse breeders and trainers for years. 

Multiple outbuildings include: 21 stall barn with indoor arena, office, living quarters, tack room, vet room.  Outdoor arena (dressage style), driven dressage court, 26 mare motel stalls with runs,  3 stall foal-wing barn adjacent to single story house which includes office and apartment. Just a few minutes drive distance to trail heads from the Sierras to Tahoe including Western States Trail System and... Stunning views over the beautiful valley with private lake at 2000ft elevation above the fog, below the snow. Property is dotted with huge 100-year old oak trees, pastures fenced/X-fenced, and irrigation equipment. Come see 5200 Andy Wolf Rd - this is not just an amazing horse property, it's an amazing valley of your own!


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