Making Connections Between the Real Estate Market and Nature

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Making Connections Between the Real Estate Market and Nature

Recently, we took some time to reflect and draw some parallels between everyday life and the Sacramento real estate market. When you are out in nature, it may seem quiet to an ordinary observer, but if you listen closely, it is anything but. There is water flowing, birds chirping and fish jumping. These sounds fill our ears with nature. 

The setting of this video is the perfect metaphor for the difference between what you may thing our real estate market is vs. what is actually happening and all the little details that make up our market. By looking at this scene, you may think we are out in the country, in the middle of nowhere. The truth is, we aren't. We are right in the middle of town, only a few hundred feet from the first of thousands of houses. 

What you hear, in both the local and national media, about our real estate market is a lot of big picture stuff. If you took the big picture of where we are now and zoomed out, you would see we are in the middle of the city. But if you realize that real estate is hyper-local, and every neighborhood is different, your scope will be narrowed, and you will really see what is going on. Our real estate market can be much different from what it seems at a distance, and the only way you can get an accurate picture is by getting close and observing the market from right here.

To see the current real estate statistics, check out these Photos:

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