The New Offers on Mortgage Loans Don't Have to Cost You More Money!

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I'm with Evangeline Scott today to talk about mortgage loans, and Evangeline will be talking today about her Bridge Loan offer.

The Bridge Loan Program
  • A phenomenal option if you have a home to sell and want to use your equity to buy another. It's a bridge between your current home and the next one, hence the name.
  • This makes it unnecessary to move twice or risk paying two mortgages at one time. It's a convenient and affordable loan because there are no payments for 6 months. Contact Evangeline for more details.
Mortgage Rates
  • Mortgage rates will undoubtedly be trending upward, and loans will also become harder to get.
  • Loans will be harder to get because they will be more picky up front. Debt to income ratio limits will be tightened.
  • Both the rise in rates and loans that are harder to get will result in less buyers.
  • Because of the trickle-up effect, home prices will come down as buyers struggle to afford homes. For example, a $375,000 dollar property will likely be cut down to $340K or $350K property.
To combat these changes, Evangeline offers a conventional mortgage with 5% down, and the mortgage insurance has already been bought out! You won't have to pay an extra $150 a month for insurance, so your purchasing power is improved with this conventional loan.

To get a hold of Evangeline call (916) 496-0160.

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